What to Do With a Hospitality Degree After Graduation

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Hotel Manager or director and supervisor welcome arriving VIP guests with roses on arrival in luxury or grand hotel

Hotel manager or director and supervisor welcome arriving VIP guests with roses on arrival in luxury or grand hotel. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

After graduating school with a degree in hospitality, a lot of people are lost and don’t know where to turn. Some opt to work at a hotel, while others try to get a corporate job, which is often not fun for people who want to work with the public. With that being said, you have options, and here are four things to do with a hospitality degree after graduation.

Cater: Without a doubt, if you want to work in hospitality and stay busy all the time, you should consider a career in catering as you can make good money and have a lot of fun. Not only that if you are wise, you can start your own firm and make a lot more money. Fortunately, you can work with people on vacation, or you can work with business people by doing corporate catering. Either way, this is an excellent option for a person who wants to have a reliable and fun career that they can depend on and enjoy for years to come. You just need to look at a company like this to see how successful such a business can be within a locale.

Tour guide: If you want to make a decent living while working outside, consider being a tour guide. This is a great option if you live in a touristy area or a major city. Furthermore, if you can speak another language, you can really cement your chances at landing a job. While it may not have a high base pay, you can make a lot of money in tips. Not only that, as a tour guide, you can live in new and exotic places all around the world, all while meeting people and making some decent money.

Running a hotel: If you want to work in a building and like dealing with people, consider working in a hotel. Not only can you deal with local, but you can meet people from all over the country and all over the world. Luckily, if you work in a hotel, you can work your way up as you won’t always work at the front desk, especially if you have a hospitality degree. To get started, you should try to work at the front desk as you can learn the tricks and understand how the hotel works. Then, you can go from there as people often opt to work in the bar or do room service. Either way, if you are in a hotel, you can move up and move to new cities if you desire.

Working for an airline: Finally, if you love to travel and want to meet people all the time, you should consider working for an airline. Not only can you work for good-sized company, but you will meet plenty of people and find new chances to move up in the corporate world. Yes, while you can work the counter or at the airport, you can also work behind the scenes, if that is something that you enjoy. Remember, while there are a lot of pilots and people you see, there are plenty people behind the scenes that make it all possible for flyers.

If you have a degree in hospitality and want to work hard, you can make some serious money, all while having fun. Not only that, you can work on your own and make money, or you can find a well-established company to work for.

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