Considering a career change?

Considering a career change? Many people decide to change careers throughout their life.

These tips will help you manage your transition:

  1. Before you decide to change careers, do some research. Formulate a clear idea of the career you would like and find out what skills and knowledge are required.
  2. After completing some research, do you feel as though you might need to learn new skills or broaden your knowledge? Consider taking some courses or working toward a certification. If you decide you might need a new degree, weigh your options and find a school with a good program that will work for you.
  3. When you feel confident in your skillset, rework your resume to emphasize any skills or knowledge you have related to the type of job you want. Wondering where you should start? Attend Toppel’s virtual drop-in advising, and we can help!
  4. With your new resume in hand, you can begin your job search. Try to keep an open mind. If you are completely changing your career you should remember that you might need to start over from the beginning. Try not to skim over jobs that don’t match your current job. Remind yourself why you have decided to change careers, and remember that while you might not have the best job starting out, you will probably be happier long-term.
  5. Emphasize your skills and knowledge to potential employers by attending some networking events! Practice talking to employers and learn how to talk about all the skills you have to offer rather than the ones you might be lacking.

Still unsure about what you want to do? Check out the Career Coaches page for alumni. 

By Keashla Marengo
Keashla Marengo