5 Female Disruptors Who Are Evolving Their Industries

By: Serenity Gibbons, Contributor

Retrieved From: Forbes, 5 Female Disruptors Who Are Evolving Their Industries


Women aren’t holding back when it comes to sharing their ingenious ideas post-pandemic. In fact, female disruption has become a widespread phenomenon in almost all sectors.

Though fresh thinking from the daughters and moms of the world isn’t new, it’s certainly needed. Currently, the global economy is trying to pull out of a historic tailspin (one that’s disproportionately targeted working women.) One of the fastest ways to rebuild commerce and drive business will be novel ideas and processes. And women entrepreneurs are up for the challenge.

Below are several examples of female innovators positioned to own their industries and create more opportunities for all.

1. Venture Funding: Candice Morgan

As venture funding firm GV’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partner, Candice Morgan is delivering real results for underrepresented startup founders. Hailing from a C-suite spot at Pinterest, Morgan takes inclusivity seriously. According to World Economic Forum statistics, fewer than a quarter of all businesses are launched by minorities. By securing a top spot at a powerful venture funding firm, Morgan has the chance to move the needle.

2. Fundraising: Mallory Erickson

Pushing out the motto that fundraising isn’t about “asks” but “offers,” Mallory Erickson’s nonprofit executive coaching advice bucks traditional trends. Erickson has built her reputation—and her Power Partners Formula program—on kicking classic fundraising schemes to the curb. In their place, she focuses the nonprofit’s attention on measuring funder alignment properly and avoiding overbaked donor stewardship. Her new perspective has resonated with organizations looking to shed the skin of tired fundraising and raise monies predictably.

3. Working Parents: Lauren Smith Brody

Lauren Smith Brody’s bestselling book The Fifth Trimester spawned a movement among working women. Her belief is in a no-nonsense approach to tackling real-world concerns about juggling parenthood and promotions. To be sure, others have added individual thoughts to this critical challenge facing so many moms (and some dads.) Yet Brody has managed to cover all the concepts related to successfully owning mommyhood and a corner office spot.

4. Social Support: Simone Gordon

Known as The Black Fairy Godmother, Simone Gordon’s risen from financial insecurity to Facebook (and Instagram) royalty. As a single mother, she experienced financial, social, and emotional hardships related to raising her family alone. Yet she never lost the desire to help others. The result? She took to social media to encourage others to crowdfund individuals in need. Gordon’s bold approach to using popular platforms as vehicles for giving has made serious inroads and impacts.

5. Financial Freedom: Sallie Lee Krawcheck

Many women feel disconnected from the financial world. Ellevest CEO Sallie Lee Krawcheck has made a move to unite women with simple money management strategies. The subscription-based app company she founded doesn’t just provide advice, though. It provides personalized recommendations using the power of technology. Consequently, female users can more comfortably and confidently navigate their way to financial freedom. What makes the Ellevest option unique is that its products and solutions are designed intentionally for women’s lives—and funding futures.

At the end of the day, women may be half the population. But their creative ways of perceiving the business world could be 100% of the solution the world needs post-Covid.

By Rachel Amezcua
Rachel Amezcua