Meet Saad Ahmad, Recent Economics Alum

Saad Ahmad graduated from the University of Miami in May 2021 with a major in Economics and a minor in Finance. While pursuing his Bachelor’s, he served as a Congressional Intern for Congressman Cedric Richmond.

During his time at the U, Saad also joined the Cane2Cane mentorship platform to connect with UM alumni, so they could guide him through their stories and experiences.

Here is what he shared with us about his Cane2Cane experience.

1. How has C2C impacted your personal, educational, or career journey?

  • “Cane2Cane has been a great resource. I believe speaking to an expert for 10 minutes is better than hours of research on the internet. Cane2Cane has saved me a lot of time and effort. I have been able to make some tough decisions after speaking to my connections here.”

2. Tell us about a connection you’ve made on C2C.

  • “I have connected with a lot of alumni through Cane2Cane, ranging from Government employees to individuals working at big firms like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft. Unfortunately, due to COVID I couldn’t have a work shadow/ internship experience. However, my connections gave me a detailed insight regarding their work and their journey. I just love the bonding and familyhood at UM. The alumni I connected with were so open and caring. They did not know me; all they knew that I  was a UM student. They were willing to offer any insight or help I asked for. I have attended 2 universities before coming to UM as a transfer student. I have never seen this level of bonding among students and alumni. I have been able to form a good relationship with my Cane2Cane connections. I am so grateful to each one of them. I cannot wait to become a resource on Cane2Cane myself so I can help UM students. UM is not just a university. It is a brand. It is a family. I have never had such a wonderful experience anywhere else. Cane2Cane is a good perfect example of such bonding that UM offers. I will stay connected with my connections after I graduate. I hope to meet them all in person once this COVID is over.”

3. What is one piece of advice you would like to offer students interested in seeking mentorship or breaking through the world of networking during these current times?

  • “Networking is very important. It can save you so much time and can provide you the best advice. I would advise students to take full advantage of all the resources that UM offers. Connect with all the great people on Cane2Cane and make a good use of your resources. Also, never be afraid to reach out or ask for advice.”

*This Cane2Cane testimonial and mentorship story was shared by Saad in February 2021.*

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By Keashla Marengo
Keashla Marengo