Can TikTok Help You Find Your Next Hospitality Role?

Can TikTok Help You Find Your Next Hospitality Role?
Written by: Hcareers / NOVEMBER 02, 2021


There’s more to do on TikTok than making trendy dancing videos and participating in the latest viral challenge.

Although most of us know and use LinkedIn for job searching, tips and tricks and recruiting, TikTok is bringing a new perspective to the job search.

There are many recruiting experts and human resource workers on TikTok that share helpful resume and interview tips, as well as some really creative people showing off their skills. If you have a TikTok, or plan on creating one, there are many things you can find on there that will help your job search.

Job Searching Best Practices

As mentioned above, there are many accounts on TikTok from recruiters or hiring professionals or even leaders that offer great advice to job seekers.

There are many who share the job search experience from the employer viewpoint and explain why your resume may not be getting through and what to do, or what employers are really looking for when browsing a resume.

You can find accounts who specialize in how to format your resume or cover letter and what phrases or keywords to use for specific employers roles you are applying for. There are even accounts who give you examples of what outfits are best to wear for specific types of organizations, or roles.

Check hashtags like:

  • #careertiktok
  • #Jobsearch
  • #Career
  • #LearnonTikTok
  • #Jobsearchtips

Show Off Your Skills

Think of TikTok as your online video portfolio. If you are applying for a creative role in hospitality, like a social media managergraphic designer, or a chef, you can use TikTok to showcase your talent.

Create an account that features the creative dishes you can put together, the graphic design work you’ve created or just show how much engagement you’re able to get on your own social media channels and what you could do on a business account.

If you’re applying for a finance or sales-based role, turn your account into a tips and tricks to managing budgets, or communicating well with people. It’s another approach to showing real life examples of work you can do.

Make sure to link your TikTok profile to your Hcareers profile so employers can see your creativity and hard work!

By Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez