See the Most Diverse National Universities

Schools with multiple ethnicities on campus: These National Universities enroll many students from various minority groups.

Meeting classmates from different backgrounds and cultural experiences can be a valuable learning experience for students, and those opportunities are abundant at some schools. U.S. News identifies colleges where undergraduates are most likely to encounter other students from a different racial or ethnic background by examining the proportion of minority students, excluding international students, at a school and the overall mix of groups. Schools are measured on their campus ethnic diversity on a scale from 0, the least diverse, to 1, most diverse. According to U.S. News data, including ties, here are the 14 most ethnically diverse National Universities, schools that are often research-oriented and offer a full range of undergraduate majors as well as master’s and doctoral programs.


By Rhea Gellineau-King
Rhea Gellineau-King