7 important tech skills that can shape your future

At present, the people in the world are running in a race to prove that they can do whatever they want to do to make their future colorful. Technology is increasing day by day and also the business field is getting more powerful in now-a-days. We have to develop the required skills in what we are capable of and also for which job we are suitable for. We should know how to adjust with others to develop and improve our work. Also, we can easily learn new skills which improves our career to a high level. To be successful in the IT field, we need different tech skills which enhance our future. Some of them are:

1. Power BI

Power BI is a set of various services, apps, and many more that work together to convert data sources which are not related into a well format which makes them visually beautiful. Power BI gives a trial version for free with a 1 GB data capacity limit per one user, also it refreshes the data per day at one time. It is generally seen in Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other platforms on mobile devices and desktops. Power BI gives a big set of understanding capabilities to the freshers and the customers also it provides different functionalities. 

Power BI starts with a basic $9.99 per month for one user and a premium plan of $20 per month for one user. Here, we have to prepare the information within a tool on the desktop, and also we should publish it using the web tools. Customers trust that they need a system which has a large capacity of RAM  to use the desktop tool, and that computer may lag whenever you are working with the big datasets. If you are interested in Power BI and want to learn advanced concepts in it then join Power BI training and develop your strategies.

2. Tableau

Tableau is one of the best platforms for Business Intelligence as well as it leads the data analytics throughout the world. It is the best platform for showing the visual analytics of the given data which helps to transform present world examples to depth insights to solve complex and difficult problems in today’s business. Tableau provides various different business intelligence tools like Server, Desktop, CRM, Public, Management of Data, embedded analytics, and etc. It also provides AI to use this for multiple industries health care, retail, energy and manufacturing products.

Tableau is famous because it is used for showing the data in a good manner so that users get attracted. It is generally used for analyzing data and also used in business strategies. Simply, we can say that Tableau is a unique business tool because it has very good features and develops products in a neat manner. It does not require any programming knowledge and no need of any experience in this field, you can directly make yourself a champion.

3. Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is generally used for the automation of a high volume of repetitive and rule-based tasks. It is software which makes anything possible to achieve the assigned tasks. RPA tools allow users to design and deploy software tools which look like human actions. These tools help to execute a particular combination of tasks, transactions and processes across software systems, and they can deliver the desired result without any human interaction. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of some specific software algorithms and scripts to securely automate the repetitive tasks that humans usually do. 

RPA does not require any modifications in the infrastructure. It is used for the automation of repetitive tasks. It helps human actions to complete the assigned tasks which are given to the robots. It provides a fast and easy implementation of some specific tasks. It requires a small amount of time as RPA software is a driven process.

4. Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a process to control the risks, vulnerabilities, and many more in an organization and to provide a secure environment for the organization. Cyber Security is generally used to get protection from cyber attacks. Whenever any person uses the data without any authorization then we have to protect our data using some security measures to protect our data.

Nowadays cyber crimes are increasing day by day. These crimes cause a huge loss for the humans important assets and so that the people are trying to be aware of these cyber crimes. Thus, they mainly focus on not sharing their personal details, OTP, PIN number, CVV and some other important details related to their bank accounts.

Many of the people think that they are not the target of any cyber hacker but they have been watched by at least one hacker to hack or steal their personal information to misuse them. Every person in the present world is using smart phones with internet connections. It is an important requirement for each and everyone who is living in this world needs cyber security.

5. Data Science

Now-a-days Data Science has a very good demand in the IT industry. Data Science is used to analyze, record, and store the given data to get some extractions in it for the future using unstructured and structured data. These are everything to manage our data and store it in a place where it is easy to access. These people must have very good skills in the technical field to use some complex algorithms.

Data Scientists are the people who develop difficult strategies for the data to make sure that the end users like it. They are generally skilled in any programming language to show that they can do anything using a language and can create the data in a good manner using typical algorithms. Most of the data scientists use Python language to show their knowledge in the data science field.

6. AWS DevOps

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a bunch of services which are very free and easy to work with and it is made for the products which are delivered for the customers by using these Amazon Web Services and DevOps processes. These processes and the services make it simple and manage the infrastructure in which application codes get deployed with the given application and the performance becomes great to the user.

AWS DevOps provides us the faster experience which makes any service to be done in a fast manner. There will be a list of services which can be managed fully and also provides fast access to the user. And the installation of these things will be a simple thing for the user. Here, the programming part for the development plays a crucial role on the Infrastructure of AWS which leads to the cloud based information.

7. Salesforce

Salesforces is generally used to sell the products of a particular company by the people who are working for the company. In simple words, we can say that it is a customer satisfaction and management platform. Here, it will be easy to sell the products, providing a very good service to the users, and IT groups tasks will be done from anywhere. Hence, it would be easy to give the customer satisfaction.

There are many sets of applications that are helpful for the different platforms in this Salesforce. It is used for the smart business and selling the products in a high manner. It gives a good  customer satisfaction compared to others and service for the customers can be provided from anywhere throughout the world. With this, we come to know that work will be done in a fast format digitally and the group of the people who done the work can be accessed from anywhere.


In this blog, we have discussed five different and important tech skills which can make our future in a fruitful manner. Here, we have seen the Power BI tool, Tableau, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cyber Security,  Data Science, AWS DevOps, and Salesforce. With any of these skills, we can easily develop our skills and improve knowledge and explore the world.

By Sachin Kuma
Sachin Kuma 7 important tech skills that can shape your future