Top 5 Programming Languages For Blockchain Development

With a net worth of around $20 billion, the blockchain market will see a big boom by 2024.

There is a high surge in demand for top-notch digital solutions for every software development today. Here blockchain comes into the picture. Blockchain is simply a chain of blocks containing digital information connected using cryptography. Each of these blocks has a cryptographic hash function linked to the previous block. Also, it includes a timestamp, and the digital data.

Blockchain is a significant technology in the software development while dominating its presence in multiple fields.

The technology has great potential for various industries, including healthcare, education, travel, and law. Due to the increasing demand, many organizations are looking to hire blockchain developers to stay competitive in the market for blockchain technology.

We’ve prepared a list of the top 5 programming languages that assist you in blockchain development.

1. Solidity

The most popular and fastest-growing blockchain programming language, Solidity, is influenced by the languages like JavaScript, Powershell, and C++.

You must learn these languages to develop apps or if you want to play the ICO development game.

You can also use this language for writing smart contracts that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) and developed by Ethereum, which is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system.

The Solidity blockchain programming language is developed to cater multiple blockchain development companies.

Here listed some Solidity features that supports you in blockchain development:

  •  Developer friendly
  •  Easily accessible to JavaScript infrastructures, and debuggers
  •  Precise and high accuracy rate

2. Python

One of the fastest-growing Blockchain programming languages that has ruled the world of app development for ages is Python. This  languages is majorly used for developing dApps and Smart Contracts. The challenge that python faces being an interpreted language is the complexity of cryptographic operations in Blockchain.

Python is an object-oriented language that helps in managing performance-related overheads.

Many Python libr

aries, plugins, and other resources are available online for almost every problem you encounter in Blockchain development.

You can simply create a prototype for your idea without any complicated coding.
Here listed some Python features for blockchain development:

  •  Easy to learn programming language
  • Access to dynamic architecture
  • Perfect for both base and scripting approaches,
  • Open-source support
  • Short codings
  • Extensive library and extensible features

3. Java

Java is the most popular and widely used platform-independent language that gives tough competition to C++.

Java language use C-syntax for building sophisticated smart contracts and dApps. Moreover, it is used to frame some prominent blockchain Programming of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, IOTA, NEO, etc. Java has a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that includes many Java classes, packages, interfaces, etc.

As we know very well, java programs are not dependent on system-specific architecture as they use the universal JVM(Java Virtual Machine) for execution. This portability feature of Java makes it perfect for Blockchain.

Here listed some Java features for blockchain development:

  • Robust support for OOP (Object-Oriented Programming),
  • Ease of memory cleaning
  • Huge libraries
  • Independent platform
  • Developer friendly
  • Secure interface
  • Support multithreading and dynamic feature

4. Ruby

Ruby is one of the best-known programming languages used for blockchain development. The high-level programming language gives power and opportunity to developers to prototype their vision effectively through open-source third-party APIs and plugins. The language is highly considered by developers for building blockchain-based software and platforms. 

Developers can use the language efficiently to create robust apps and blockchain software projects due to its adaptability to multiple languages. Also, it ensures simplicity and productivity, making it more developer-friendly and supporting cross-platforms.

Some of the benefits of Ruby as a programming language are:

  • Multi-Paradigm Language
  • Vast developer community (Ruby on Rails)
  • Easy to configure and develop solutions
  • open-source and flexible

5. C#

C# is an open-source, object-oriented programming language developers use to develop scalable apps with .NET framework compatibility. The language creates robust cross-platform codes that operate across different OS types, like Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Moreover, the object-oriented language offers various features for developing enterprise-powered apps, cloud, and cross-platform development. 

The developers can easily create a portable code using C# and runs it across all devices and multiple operating systems, including Windows,  Linux, Mac, Android, etc. Blockchain developers can obtain maximum performance when developing their next blockchain, allowing businesses to create applications on Blockchain platforms easily.

  • Open-source, easy to understand, and learn
  • Easily write portable code across devices
  • Support Cost-efficient feature
  • Rich library class
  • Extensive support for distributed system

Concluding Thoughts

So, here we conclude that the programming languages mentioned above are considered best for entering the blockchain market.

The above top-notch coding languages have immense potential to bring many opportunities when integrating with blockchain development. You can utilize these languages to build different forms of blockchain and cryptocurrency-based solutions. To develop robust and scalable blockchain projects with efficient functionality, you should consider any programming languages above.

Moreover, you need to understand which language works best for you and for what type of blockchain development so that you can polish your skills in the same.

By Sudeep Srivastava
Sudeep Srivastava Top 5 Programming Languages For Blockchain Development