Can TikTok Help You Find Your Next Hospitality Role?

Can TikTok Help You Find Your Next Hospitality Role?
Written by: Hcareers / NOVEMBER 02, 2021

There’s more to do on TikTok than making trendy dancing videos and participating in the latest viral challenge.

Although most of us know and …

By Jennifer Perez
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Political Science & History major, Sofia Hamilton shares her experience with Cane2Cane

Sofia Hamilton is a senior at the University of Miami with majors in Political Science and History, and minors in International Studies and Sociology. She currently serves as the Administrative Director of the business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and is …

By Keashla Marengo
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How will COVID-19 impact law school admissions?

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How will COVID-19 impact law school admissions?

One of the biggest questions facing legal education — in addition to whether to open campuses this fall — is the impact of COVID …

By Ismaris Ocasio
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