Advanced Malware Analysis: Redux

Do you have knowledge of malware analysis core concepts, but want to transition from malware analyst to reverse engineer? Brian Rogalski, CEO of Hexcapes, equips you to handle complex tasks such as extracting, debugging, disassembling, unpacking, and hunting malware as he reacquaints you with key analysis topics and exercises. Get ready for the rest of the course with a review of Windows OS, PE files and memory, WinAPI and Registry, and common malware behaviors. Go over x86 and x64 architecture, and then dive into dynamic and static malware analysis. Explore malware challenges, including malware packers, obfuscation, identifying encryption, anti-analysis, and memory analysis. This course helps you gain the hands-on experience you need to level up.

This course was created by Cybrary. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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