Agile: It’s Not Just for Software

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Software development has made agile popular and successful around the world, but did you know Agile can be used for so much more than software development? In this course, Joshua Barnes, founder of Process Mentors, as well as Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor and Certified Disciplined Agile Coach, shows you how agile principles can help you deliver value for non-software work. Joshua breaks the myth that agile is just for software, then explains options for agile methodologies so that you can choose the approach best suited to your teams. He focuses on the flexible approach of Disciplined Agile. Then Joshua walks you through how to use agile, outside of software development, to deliver value to your project through scope exploration, sizing the effort, and prioritizing based on risk and value. He covers steps to produce a consumable solution, then concludes with practical techniques for effective retrospectives.

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