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With Ms. Joan Nurse
Mondays, 10:00 – 11:45 a.m.
Course Description: Learning how to operate a computer whether you are getting started with your first
computer or are just looking to learn more about how computers work. You will learn the fundamentals of
how to use a computer.
Week 1 Getting started with your personal computer… How the computer is connected to your devices;
Identify the common components of the personal computer
Week 2 Using the application software… Navigating in a word processing document; Finding
information in a Database.
Week 3 Connecting to a Network…Access to the Internet… providing the basic concept on how to work
with emails and document transfers
Week 4 Proving the knowledge acquired on everyday computer searches
Week 5 Learning security essentials and more…How to surf the web in a safe way…Without
compromising your personal information
Week 6 Reviewing all material – Q&A

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