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Building Expertise in Administration and Management Certificate Program

The Building Expertise in Administration and Management (BEAM) certificate program is offered by the University of Miami, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and the School of Business Administration in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation to develop public health leaders. Through the BEAM certificate program, public health professionals will gain a solid foundation in essential business administration skills that are necessary for career growth and professional development. Developed as an online, self-paced curriculum, students will examine basic budgeting in public health, finance, accounting, contracts, management, and strategic thinking.  BEAM is an interactive, self-paced, non-credit bearing, online certificate program geared towards working professionals and their need for strategic tools that drive innovation and success. Our curriculum draws on the expertise of industry leaders and the University of Miami’s stellar faculty, and features situational work-based activities.

The BEAM Program can be completed in 20 hours and is available online. There is additional independent, offline course work. Students will be allowed up to 3 months to complete the Program but it can be completed more quickly than that. Tuition for the BEAM Certificate Program is $500.

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