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Create a Comic Book Using Existing Art in Clip Studio Paint

If you’ve ever thought of creating a comic book, one of the fastest ways to do it is to take your existing artwork and turn it into a comic using Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio is an extremely versatile program that lets you import your art, regardless of whether you created it digitally in Photoshop, or if you drew it by hand with pen and paper. In this course, artist Mark Simon takes you through all the steps you need to know to take your existing art and quickly create your own comic book and export it for digital delivery and print. He shows you features like working with word balloons, page setups, crop marks, and borders. Mark also covers techniques for enhancing your art, combining pages into splash pages for more impactful stories, and refining your art with colors and gradients. Finally, he shows how to prep your comic for printing. Whatever type of art you have, this course shows you how to turn it into a comic book using Clip Studio

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