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Cyber Security Professional Course

This program was designed to prepare students to get a job in cyber security when they graduate. Each part of the curriculum engages students in hands-on, in-depth exercises with the aim of building a solid foundation in cyber security theory and practical experience. Courses focus on educating students in networking, building secure infrastructures, and defensive cyber security strategy. The program will grow your knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and frameworks needed to set up, maintain, and protect various organizations from impending cyber threats.

The Cyber Security Professional Bootcamp is appropriate for anyone, whether you’re someone with zero background in tech or someone with years of experience in networking, programming, and coding. This program develops the specific skill set all entry-level cyber security personnel require.

The Cyber Security Professional course is 440 academic hours, including the 20-hour Trial Course period. This course is flexible. Students can choose between a part-time, 12-month program and a more intensive, full-time, 4-month program. This program costs $16,000.

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