GenAI and Predictive AI with Cloud Computing: Core Concepts

Whether you’re an IT professional or a tech-savvy business professional, it has become essential to understand the fundamentals of conventional AI (or predictive AI) and generative AI, as well as their increasingly important relationship with cloud computing.

In this beginner course, with hundreds of custom visuals, LinkedIn Top Voice Thomas Erl provides an approachable, easy-to-understand introduction to predictive AI and generative AI, explaining their purpose, how they work and how they differ, as well as how and where they each can benefit from cloud computing and big data.

Predictive AI and generative AI are significantly reshaping work environments and business landscapes by providing significant opportunities for improving productivity, optimizing work activities and increasing business success potential. This course will provide you with insights, advice, and the clarity you need to help identify how to best take advantage of what predictive AI and generative AI have to offer.

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