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Implementing the NIST Privacy Framework

These days, a large-scale security breach seems to be an almost-daily occurrence. Standing in the balance is the personal information of millions of people, alongside the private records of your entire organization. Losses incurred by a security breach can spell disaster, but you can always do more to mitigate the risk. In this course, security expert Ronald Woerner shows you how to implement the NIST Privacy Framework to better protect critical customer information.

Explore the fundamentals of the NIST Privacy Framework and how your organization can use it to categorize and effectively oversee its in-house privacy protocols. Discover the benefits of implementing the NIST Framework as a safeguard in your security management lifecycle. Learn strategies of identifying, managing, and mitigating privacy risks, as Ronald teaches you how to assess your own specific needs and outcomes, highlighting real-world examples and best practices along the way.

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