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Increasing Learning Engagement: A Skills-First Approach

Today’s global workforce is changing, with personal and professional development now accounting for a big piece of the complete employee experience. Helping your employees upskill and develop is a great way to keep them engaged. In this course, join instructor Karl Kapp to find out what it takes to build a strong, resilient, and flexible workforce using a skills-first learning approach.

Discover the value of skills-based training, the different types of skills required—power skills and technical skills—and a handful of proven techniques you can use as a teacher or trainer to boost engagement, regardless of your industry or field. Empower your employees as they build out their power skills by identifying response attributes and applying power skills in context through construct activities, role-play, skills cards, board games, and more. Along the way, Karl shows you how to hone in on your technical skills with whiteboards, applied practice exercises, behavioral observation, and escape rooms.

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