Introduction to MicroPython and Physical Computing

Python is one of the most popular and accessible programming languages, and MicroPython opens the world of hardware to Python developers. The use of microcontrollers continues to grow in applications—from consumer products to industrial control and from basic physical computing to AI. This growth has been accompanied by increasingly powerful microprocessors and the ability to support programming languages other than C/C++. MicroPython has emerged as a language of choice for its power and ease of learning—it’s been adopted by both RaspberryPi and Arduino as their supported Python version. This course with instructor Robert Gallup provides a fast introduction to MicroPython, physical computing, and applications. If you’re a traditional Python programmer looking for an introduction to programming hardware, join Robert as he shows you how to set up MicroPython development tools, wire up a prototype, and create a web server to monitor and report on an environmental sensor.

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