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iPhone Photography: Capturing and Editing Raw Photos

Do you want to get more from the camera in your pocket? Learn how to capture the most detail on your iPhone. When you switch to shooting in raw file formats, you can dramatically increase the quality of your images. Instructor Richard Harrington walks you through which settings matter most and which apps do you need to download. He starts with making sure you understand your iPhone and the file formats you can use on it. Richard explains how working with Raw files impacts your editing workflow, then steps through shooting ProRAW with the native camera on your iPhone. He explains the apps you need on your phone for Raw photography, as well as how to transfer Raw files to your computer or to cloud storage. Richard concludes with useful editing strategies for macOS, Windows, Adobe Lightroom, and Luminar AI.

Note: This course was created by RHED Pixel. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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