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Managing Jira Projects: 3 Helpful Concepts and Features

How does Jira automation work, and what other concepts, features, and configurations can you employ to use Jira more effectively? In this course—the third in the Managing Jira Projects series—discover the core elements of Jira automation and automate some of the work in your Jira project. Learn how to alter your kanban board. Then explore other concepts and features like shared configuration, running parallel sprints, and facilitating agile at scale. Find out how to create and configure next-gen projects, including controlling access, adding issues, and customizing project features.

Note: This course can help prepare you for the Managing Jira Cloud Projects certification exam. To learn more about how to earn your first Atlassian credential, click here. To check out other Atlassian University courses about Jira workflows, reporting, automation, and more, click here.

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