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Natural Language Processing with ML.NET by Microsoft Press

In today’s world, machine learning is everywhere. We use ML-empowered applications every day—when choosing the next TV series to watch based on Netflix recommendations, for example, or when asking Alexa to play your favorite song.
If you think of yourself as a developer, you might see machine learning as a separate art, practiced by an elite group of data scientists and statisticians. You might be uncertain about how it fits into application development. In this course, discover how ML.NET framework is designed to democratize the art of machine learning, making it accessible to all developers and making a smoother experience of integrating a trained model into an existing or a new .NET solution. Learn about ML.NET and how it’s different from other ML frameworks, the basics concepts of machine learning and deep learning, and how natural language processing models work.

Note: This course was created by Microsoft Press. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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