Sales Leadership: Building a Thriving Coaching Culture

When managers act more like problem solvers for their team, habitually doing everyone’s job for them, it creates an atmosphere of dependency, stress, lack of accountability, and mediocrity—the very problems managers look to avoid. Worst of all, you can’t scale dependency. But what if you could coach your team in a way that created an immediate change in behavior, attitude, and results? In this course, executive sales coach Keith Rosen takes you on a transformational journey to become an exemplary leader and coach, by taking a more human and employee-centric approach to leadership. He shares his tips on how to develop the skills and habits of effective coaches, make sure your team buys in, motivate and inspire people to exceed their potential, and foster talent through observation and feedback. Join Keith and discover how you can transform into a coaching master who develops sales champions and a thriving coaching culture.

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