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Strategies to Learn and Upskill More Effectively

Do you have difficulty learning new skills and information? People often think they’re bad learners, or have a bad memory, or make too many mistakes when learning. In reality, just like a bad exercise routine may leave you wondering why you’re not seeing results, bad learning strategies may be at the root of all your learning difficulties. In this course, Dr. Janell Blunt shares essential skills to set up the conditions for effective learning. She teaches you how to make the most of your learning time, including the importance of understanding and employing metacognition (thinking about thinking), how to reduce complexity by chunking learning, and effectively documenting what you learn. Janell imparts strategies to retain what you’ve learned through how and when you recall information. Finally, she shares creative learning strategies to help boost your memory, including the mind palace technique, ways to remember names, and how to remember to remember something important.

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