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Sustainable LGBTQ+ Allyship

One of the biggest challenges allies face is not knowing when and how to lend support. In this course, instructor Jeannie Gainsburg offers a set of practical, easy-to-use strategies for supporting your LGBTQ+ colleagues in a meaningful, sustainable, and respectful way.

Explore the fundamentals of the ever-evolving workplace. Help create an environment where everyone can safely bring their authentic selves to work. Navigate new terms and the ever-changing LGBTQ+ initialism with aplomb. Learn how to respond after you’ve made a mistake and best strategies for getting things right the next time. Along the way, Jeannie shows you how to utilize her favorite evergreen allyship tools such as ungendering language, mirroring terms, removing the power dynamic in conversations, and using the “switch it” technique to expose inconsistencies in language and expectations. By the end of this course, you’ll have increased confidence in your ability to create LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces and a full toolbox of evergreen ally actions and tips that will support you through a lifetime of LGBTQ+ allyship.

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