Developer ’24 Refresh

Developer ’24 Refresh Accenture Nordics

United States

Are you ready to develop your talents? This is your chance to explore your skills in real case scenarios.

Welcome …

Engineering for New Energy

Engineering for New Energy APA Group

United States

Assist with the integration of a large renewable energy source into a pre-existing system to help push towards net-zero targets

Service Desk

Service Desk Datacom

United States

Resolve technical issues and escalate network outages alongside Datacom’s service desk team

Welcome to the Datacom Service Desk Job Simulation! …

Project Manager

Project Manager Siemens Mobility

United States

Drive Siemens Mobility’s future by mastering project management in rail infrastructure

Welcome to the Siemens Mobility Project Manager Job Simulation! …

Operations Industrial Engineer

Operations Industrial Engineer Siemens Mobility

United States

Optimize Siemens Mobility’s manufacturing processes and streamline assembly line layouts as an operations industrial engineer

Welcome to the Siemens Mobility …

Introduction to Technology Apprenticeship

Introduction to Technology Apprenticeship Accenture UK

United States

Support Accenture to overhaul its client’s outdated processes with a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology solution!

Welcome to the Accenture UK Introduction …

EV Engineering Intermediate

EV Engineering Intermediate Ford

United States

Perform a cost-benefit analysis for different battery types with our EV engineering team

Welcome to our program! We are so …

Digital Advanced

Digital Advanced Ford

United States

Learn to provision a backend from scratch

Welcome to our program! We are so excited to have you here.

At …

Digital Intro

Digital Intro Ford

United States

Stream vehicle data to an iOS application with our digital team

Welcome to our program! We are so excited to …