Resource Guides for Careers in Sports

This resource hub is home to a variety of guides and resources created to help students and recent graduates discover internship, scholarship, and networking opportunities. The guides offered through this hub include: 

  • Guide to Jobs in Sports – The latest information about open positions in the sports industry. 
  • Sports Industry Guide for People of Color – Resources and helpful information for people of color seeking a career in sports. 
  • Internship Guide – A comprehensive guide to navigating the world of internships in sports. 
  • Scholarship Guide – An up to date and useful resource to help students strategize how to offset the cost of their education 
  • Women in Sports Guide – A guide that takes into account challenges faced by women working in sports, and tailored to females looking to break into this industry. 
  • Job Guide for Veterans – A comprehensive guide with helpful resources on how veterans can put their skills and benefits gained as a result of their service to good use as they enter the job market in the sports industry. 
  • Salary Negotiation Guide – So you’ve received a job offer – congrats! This guide will help you navigate vitally important salary negotiations. It includes valuable tips, tactics, and guidance from experienced professionals. 
  • Guide for LGBTQ+ – Guide for members of the LGBTQ+ navigating the sports industry. 
  • Expert Interviews – Our Expert Interviews feature advice and insights from leaders in the academic & professional world. Hear their stories in their own words and learn about the latest trends in their respective fields.