College Athletes | Preparing For Your Career | NCAA

Only 2% of college athletes ever play professional sports, meaning the vast majority go straight from courts, fields and pools to boardrooms, classrooms and exam rooms. This likely includes you, but there’s good news.

According to Gallup’s 2020 study (PDF), student-athletes are faster to graduate and more likely to hold leadership positions than their peers. Former student-athletes were also more likely to be thriving in many career paths. And in the most recent NCAA GOALS Study (PDF), most juniors and seniors reported they have already or are planning to participate in an internship opportunity.

NCAA leadership development offers several programs for college athletes to prepare them for the next step in their careers. Check out the Student-Athlete Leadership Forum to fine-tune your leadership skills, the Career in Sports Forum to explore different career options or even the NCAA’s Postgraduate Internship Program for an experience at the national office in Indianapolis.

No matter your path, remember to keep an eye on the future while you are enjoying the present.