Graduating in an Uncertain World: Pathways through the Pandemic

Join us for a panel discussion on the challenges presented to today’s college graduates in the current global and economic climate. Many recent graduates may find themselves asking “what are my option?” This event will discuss gap years, internships (virtual, micro, and in-person), graduate school options, continuing education, and managing student loan debt. Going into the job market with record unemployment rates can be daunting, but the “U” is here to provide you with the resources to be successful in your future endeavors.


Charles Eckman, Ph.D., Dean, UM Libraries


Christian Garcia, Associate Dean and Executive Director, Toppel Career Center
Maryann Tobin, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Christopher Magnan, Senior Advisor, Office of Student Financial Assistance & Employment
Desiree Young, Executive Director, Division of Continuing and International Education
Camila Rodriguez-Rojas, UM Class of 2019

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