13 Tips To Impress In A Video Interview

All job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but whether it’s due to the novelty, lack of real human connection, or reliance on technology, video interviews can somehow be even more anxiety-inducing than their in-person counterparts. If you have a video interview lined up, read on for 13 tips to help you make a positive impression.

Before The Interview

1. Be Prepared

As with any interview, don’t go into a video interview unprepared. Spend time researching the company and role, and try to pre-empt any questions that you may be faced with. Typical examples include why you would be a good fit for the role, any relevant experience, why you want to work for the company, and the notorious “tell us about yourself.”

2. Test Your Tech

If interview nerves are getting to you, the last thing you need is a technology problem. Days before the interview, test out your computer, webcam and microphone to ensure it’s all working as it should. This way, you can start the interview knowing you won’t need to engage in any last-minute troubleshooting – or at least resolve any problems in good time.

3. Choose A Professional Background

While your interviewer won’t expect your home to look like a corporate office, make an effort to ensure your space is clean, clutter-free, and portrays a professional vibe. “Consider using a background provided by your videoconferencing software if you’re not comfortable showcasing your home,” advises Doris Sherwood, recruiter at Stateofwriting.com.

4. Pick A Good Spot

A professional background is not enough; you should also ensure that your location has good lighting and low sound pollution, and that you’re unlikely to be interrupted by family members or excited pets.

During The Interview

1. Have Confidence

It’s more easily said than done, but go into the interview with confidence. If you believe you can do it, you’re halfway there. Common indicators of nervousness such as sweating or blushing are easier to hide in a video interview, so use this to your advantage.

2. Be A Good Listener

This is always important, but voice distortion in video chats makes your listening skills even more crucial.

3. Speak Slowly

Leading on from the point above, speak slowly and enunciate your words. This increases the chance of your sentences reaching the interviewer without distortion.

4. Dress To Impress

It might be a video interview, but it’s still an interview. “How would you dress for an in-person interview for the same role? The exact same outfit is required for a video interview,” suggests Marilyn Smith, HR Manager at Uktopwriters.com.

5. Don’t Forget About Body Language

Eye contact is harder to gauge in a video interview, but body language is still important. Sit up straight and face the camera to ensure you look engaged, and avoid playing with your hair or any other signifiers of nervousness.

6. Use Prompts

One of the major benefits of video interviews is that you can hide prompts on your desk or the wall behind your computer. While total reliance on prompts will be obvious and result in stilted speech, a few prompts can be incredibly helpful.

7. Be On Time

Give yourself adequate time to prepare and settle into the video interview. Fifteen minutes before the interview starts, make sure your computer is turned on, you’re dressed, you have a glass of water on your desk, and you’re ready to go. Rushing is a bad start to any interview!

8. Brush Off Distractions

If possible, do try to avoid any interruptions or distractions; if it’s not acceptable in an in-person interview, it’s not appropriate in a video interview. However, interviewers are aware that life happens, and while you can minimize the chance of distractions or interruptions by a clever choice of location, sometimes it’s inevitable. If you must deal with an interruption, apologize to the interviewer, deal with the issue promptly, and return to the interview professionally.

After The Interview

1. Follow Up

Just like after finishing a traditional interview, don’t be afraid to reach out to the interviewer after your slot is over to thank them for their time. Politeness goes a long way and it might make you stand out in the interviewer’s memory.


If you’re suffering from pre-interview nerves, the tips above will help you make a great impression in a video interview, and hopefully bring you one step closer to securing your dream job.

By Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller