Faculty & Staff Engagement Hub

The Toppel Career Center has a variety of engagement options for faculty and staff to work together to support students in their career journeys. Join the Career Champions Network and review the Faculty Toolkit for additional ideas on how we can partner in the career education of students. On this page, you will also find key career resources and events for students at the U.

For students seeking career support and guidance from Toppel, please refer them to our drop-in career coaching hours.

Career Champions Network

Through a series of interactive workshops, faculty and staff will feel more prepared to assist students with their career development.

Faculty Toolkit

Provides an overview of Toppel and Career Readiness, a Faculty Engagement menu, a student email template, and syllabus/assignment examples.

Workshop Request

Why cancel class when you can rely on us? Dedicated Toppel staff are available to present to your class and programs on a variety of career-related topics.

Faculty & Staff Consultation Request

Meet with a Toppel staff member to discuss your ideas, goals, and needs for supporting the students you work with. Submit a consultation request below.

Resources for Faculty & Staff

In this section, you will find selected resources supporting faculty and staff at the University interested in staying up-to-date with career events, integrating career readiness into their coursework, and learning about where our graduating students have launched their careers.

Top Career Resources for Students

In this section, you will find the top resources offered to students by the Toppel Career Center. Click on View All Top Resources for a full list.

Faculty & Staff Mentors on Cane2Cane

Cane2Cane is a career and mentorship network coordinated by the University of Miami’s Toppel Career Center. The Cane2Cane mission is to connect students and alumni with a community of industry professionals (alumni, faculty & staff, and friends of the University) for opportunities to explore career paths, prepare for the workplace, and establish new connections in their network. 

MaryEllen Becher

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Development Officer University of Miami

Francesca Mardis

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Senior Program Coordinator University of Miami

Javier Paredes

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Sr. Clinical Research Assistant University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Ana Wells

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Learning Specialist University of Miami

Nicolle Acuna

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Research Assistant 3-Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Miami

Mayda Herrera

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • System Administrator University of Miami

Adalain Sans

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Middle Grades English Teacher Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Eva Alonso

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Adjunct Instructor University of Miami School of Communication

Dina Moulioukova

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Faculty, Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Miami

Evelio Cuba

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Patient Access Representative University of Miami Health System

Christina Vargas

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Assistant Director, Pharmacy University of Miami

Jordan Coello

Faculty & Staff Mentors
  • Success Advisor University of Miami

Join the Cane2Cane Community to become a Faculty & Staff mentor. Through the platform, you can also connect with other professionals (alumni, faculty & staff, and friends of the U) across 60+ industries for networking and guest speaking opportunities.

Job Market DataIn partnership withLightcast logo

Are you looking to use real-time job market data to make informed decisions about your future career path, explore relevant salary data, or identify the skills you need to build or market to get your next role? Use the following tool to explore your options.

There are two ways to navigate this tool:

  1. Keyword Search: Search for the title of the job you’re looking to pursue, or skills you may have that could be relevant for a particular career path.
  2. Narrow Down by Industry + Occupation: If you have a general sense of the industry you’d like to pursue, you can narrow down the occupations within a given industry to help you decide.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

Type in a keyword to select a relevant occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

Career & Industry Guides

Firsthand Vault offers comprehensive industry and career guides that provide insights into industry work life and advice for students on kickstarting their careers. You and your students can access 170+ guides on our Custom Career Content site to help them explore career paths and gain valuable information that will help them make informed career decisions. To explore guides for a specific career circle, click on View All Guides and apply the relevant filters.

Interested in integrating career and industry guides into your coursework, programs, or career conversations? Consult with us!

Skill Building with LinkedIn Learning

Access and explore on-demand LinkedIn Learning content (courses and videos) that can help your students identify and build skills needed to be successful in their future careers. Students can find relevant LinkedIn Learning content featured for their career circles.

Copilot in Excel: Supercharge Your Productivity

Taught by Jess Stratton
Imagine being able to create sophisticated Excel spreadsheets and charts—and quickly glean insights for your stakeholders—using nothing more than a…

MATLAB Essential Training

Taught by Curt Frye
Learn how to analyze data using one of the most powerful statistical software packages available. MATLAB is a highly useful…

SAP Fiori Apps Library

Taught by Michael Management
The SAP Fiori apps reference library is a comprehensive library of all of the relevant SAP content used within the…

Improving Insights with OpenAI’s Advanced Data Analysis

Taught by Ray Villalobos
The Advanced Data Analysis (formerly Code Interpreter) tool from OpenAI expands the capabilities of ChatGPT. Using a Python environment sandbox,…

Reverse Mentorship Essentials

Taught by Patrice Gordon
A reverse mentorship—where a senior leader is mentored by an under-represented individual, including junior colleagues—can truly transform a business by…

Get It Done: Complete Projects that Matter with Seth Godin

Taught by Seth Godin
Do you have great ideas galore, but struggle to complete the projects you start? You’re not alone. In this course,…

End-to-End Data Engineering Project

Taught by Thalia Barrera
The world of data engineering is ever-changing, with new tools and technologies emerging on a regular basis. Building an effective…

Power BI Data Analyst Associate (PL-300) Cert Prep: Advanced Reporting in Power BI

Taught by Emilio Melo
In this course, instructor Emilio Melo explores the skills necessary to pass the portion of the PL-300: Microsoft Power BI…

Nano Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview with Sho Dewan

Taught by Sho Dewan
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this course, Sho…

Addressing Technical Skills Gaps

Taught by Rashim Mogha
According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of technology…

Mental Health Awareness for Cybersecurity Professionals

Taught by AJ Yawn
Get a comprehensive overview of mental health in the cybersecurity industry. In this course, AJ Yawn, a cybersecurity expert, former…

Advanced Mobile Endpoint Management with Intune

Taught by Ryan Spence
This course gives enterprise sys administrators the knowledge they need to handle advanced-level mobile device management needs using Intune, an…

Building Skills to Become a Powerhouse Negotiator

Taught by American Negotiation Institute
Negotiation is an essential skill for success, both in professional and personal endeavors. However, many people lack formal training in…

Excel and ChatGPT: Data Analysis Power Tips

Taught by Chris Dutton
Data analytics revolutionized the way we work, and now, with the rise of artificial intelligence, data professionals have access to…

How to Give Feedback People Can Actually Use

Taught by American Negotiation Institute
Feedback is a gift, but how can you make your feedback valuable to its recipients? In this course, adapted from…

Azure AI: The Big Picture

Taught by Walt Ritscher
The tech world is obviously enamored with artificial intelligence. After decades of research, developers now have a robust set of…

The Data Science Playbook for Private Equity and Venture Capital

Taught by Howard Friedman
Over the last few years, the field of data science has made rapid advances and spawned radical new shifts in…

System Design in Cloud

Taught by Priyanka Vergadia
Many cloud architects and developers often overlook the importance of system design in the cloud. In this course, instructor Priyanka…

Power BI Data Analyst Associate (PL-300) Cert Prep: Create Model Calculations Using DAX

Taught by Jermaine McDonald
The Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification is intended for data professionals who leverage Microsoft’s Power BI data tool. This…

Windows 11 Essential Training

Taught by Nick Brazzi
Looking to get up to speed with the Windows 11 operating system? Whether you’re new to Windows or upgrading from…

LinkedIn Learning is free for University of Miami students, faculty, and staff. You must have a CaneID to access LinkedIn Learning

Skill Building Through Virtual Experience Programs

This section features virtual experience programs and projects from the Forage platform aimed to help students build valuable career skills and get a taste of different industries via short-term, real-world experiences created by top companies across the globe. Take a look at the Forage Catalog to learn more. Click on "View All Experiences" to view all experiences featured across the 10 Career Circles for Students.

Interested in integrating any of these experiences into your coursework or programs? Check out this guide and consult with us!