Environment, Marine & Atmospheric Science

This career circle is for any student who is interested in pursuing a career in the fields of Environment, Marine, and/or Atmospheric Science.

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A Guide to a Career in Sustainability

Have you completed an undergrad but are interested in pursuing a career in sustainability? Do you know what your interests are or have you discovered what you enjoy doing/learning? If not, then that’s completely fine! This article will guide you …

By Sabrina Khan
Sabrina Khan
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7 Climate Change Organizations You Should Know

Illustration by Marian Blair

Climate change, global warming, and extreme weather events seem to be prominent fixtures in the news cycle every day, everywhere you look. Scientists and government leaders around the world agree the planet is in a state of …

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What Is Environmental Law?

Many agencies and government departments use environmental law services to protect their interests. So do businesses, advocacy organizations, and law firms that represent individuals.

Environmental law is a growing field with a broad scope of work that encompasses issues related …

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Featured Resources

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Schmidt Marine Job Board

A job board for marine science and conservation positions

Volunteers for Peace

Volunteers for Peace (VFP) provides over 3000 global service opportunities in categories like agricultural, archeology, art, cultural, educational, environmental, festival, …

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Skill Building with LinkedIn Learning

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Power BI: Dashboards for Beginners

Taught by Joshua Rischin
Get a short and simple beginner’s guide to Power BI. In this course, Joshua Rischin demystifies the process of building…

From pandas to Polars

Taught by Madecraft
Navigate the shift from pandas to Polars, uncovering motivations, essential differences, and comparative performance insights. Led by Brett Vanderblock, a…

Sustainable UX Design

Taught by Tetiana Gulei
Sustainability is a core component of effective product design in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of UX. In this course,…

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: ESG and the Future of Business

Taught by Fawad Qureshi
According to a recent study, the earth will be operating at 200% of its resource capacity by 2030, which is…

String Cleaning with pandas 2.0

Taught by Seth Berry
Cleaning strings is no easy task, but it’s important, necessary work. From basic find-and-replace operations to more complex regular expressions,…

Coding Exercises: pandas

Taught by Harshit Tyagi
Want to test your pandas skills? These concise challenges let you stretch your brain and test your talents. Instructor Harshit…

NumPy Essential Training: 1 Foundations of NumPy

Taught by Terezija Semenski
NumPy provides Python with an elegant syntax and powerful array processing library. NumPy is the most useful and most powerful…

Hands-On Analytics Engineering Project

Taught by Connor Dickson
This course teaches analytics engineers how to pipeline data into the database from an external source for use in visualization.…

AI Strategy Foundations for Data Scientists and Team Leaders

Taught by Matthew Blasa
As AI is integrated into our world, how can experienced team leaders and data scientists level up? This course lays…

Everybody’s Introduction to Tableau

Taught by Tim Ngwena
Join instructor Tim Ngwena in this nontechnical overview of the core components of the Tableau platform. Discover the value of…

ChatGPT and SQL

Taught by John Pauler
AI is changing the world around us, and completely revolutionizing the way we work. Data professionals now have access to…

Mastering Lookup Functions in Excel: Seven Powerful Formulas

Taught by Josh Aharonoff
Dive into the world of Excel lookup functions in this engaging crash course designed to enhance your data handling and…

ChatGPT and Power BI

Taught by Aaron Parry
AI is changing the world around us, and completely revolutionizing the way we work. Data professionals now have access to…

Complete Guide to SQL for Data Engineering: from Beginner to Advanced

Taught by Deepak Goyal
Are you looking to get up and running with SQL as a data engineer, but not sure where to begin?…

Twelve Myths about Data Science

Taught by Ben Sullins
As data science continues to shape industries and societies, myths and misconceptions often abound, leading to misguided expectations and ineffective…

Tableau 2024.1: Essential Training

Taught by Curt Frye
Tableau is a powerful and versatile data analytics and visualization tool that many consider indispensable for data science work. Its…

pandas Essential Training

Taught by Jonathan Fernandes
pandas is an open-source data analysis library that provides high-performance, easy-to-use data structures, and data analysis tools for Python. In…

Low Code/No-Code Data Literacy with KNIME: From Basic to Advanced

Taught by KNIME AG
Low-code/no-code data analytics tools have been instrumental in enabling the transition from manual, code-heavy, and resource-intensive environments to an automated,…

The Data Science of Economics, Banking, and Finance

Taught by Barton Poulson
In this course, Barton Poulson—professor, consultant, entrepreneur, and data expert—presents a fresh, approachable view of how data science can be…

The Importance of Biodiversity to Business

Taught by David Bennell
Biodiversity—all of life and its interdependencies across the natural world at the ecosystem, species, and genetic levels—is being destroyed at…

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