Harness The Power Of These 7 Best Free Educational Apps And Develop The Skills You Need To Get Ahead

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Today’s top organizations are searching for executive leaders with the right combination of blended experience and expertise in areas such as programming + communication, artificial intelligence (AI) + emotional intelligence, and logic + ethics.

Top applicants are multifaceted in their interests and deliver a measurable impact to their teams based on their natural tenacity to work harder and be more than the vast majority of their colleagues.

While each professional role will come with its own technical, creative, and personnel-related challenges, top professionals use their downtime to continue developing their skills and refining the value they deliver to the organizations they serve.

While others sit idly away enjoying mindless entertainment or the antics of social media, top-performing executive leaders engage with educational enrichment apps to make the most of their time away from work.

Educational opportunities are more readily available across the cloud than at any other time in history.

Today no matter where you are in the world, with access to wifi, you can access a stunning array of professional and educational enrinchemnt apps to make the most of your time and refine your expertise in areas that will benefit you in every phase of life.

In this article, learn about the top educational apps to check out in 2022.

The Top Educational Enrichment Apps to Check Out in 2022

The best educational app is the one that delivers the insights top professionals need to deliver results.

It’s hard to say which app will be the best fit for every type of interest, though on this list, you will find educational and professional development opportunities for every industry and professional aspiration imaginable.

You’ll find opportunities to learn technical skills, soft skills, team-building skills, and life skills. Check out these amazing educational apps and start bringing the fun of learning and professional development with you on the go.

  1. edX
  2. Allison
  3. Duolingo
  4. Code Academy
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Howcast
  7. Udacity

1. edX

Launched back in 2012, edX has quietly grown into an educational powerhouse platform with an ever-growing array of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) course materials and courses online.

Today the site boasts more than 160 partner universities around the world and more than 3,500 courses in the most in-demand subject areas today, such as cybersecurity, fintech, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, digital health, and just about every other topic a potential student or executive learner could be interested in.

2. Alison

Alison is a powerful learning resource where motivated learners can access highly laser-focused course materials designed to boost professional development.

Covering a catalog spawning everything from “architecture to zoology,” this platform seeks to include development opportunities for every type of professional. Alison’s diploma and certificate courses are the perfect way to harness the expertise in demand by the world’s most lucrative and in-demand careers.

3. Duolingo

Developing language skills is a powerful way to increase the value that you offer the organization you serve, and Duolingo is a great free app that makes learning fun.

The Duolingo app delivers a delightful pick up and play experience where gamification and linguistic science are put together to deliver a highly engaging and fun way to practice more than 30 different languages while on the go.

Duolingo offers dedicated opportunities to read, speak, and listen to languages, take courses and refine expertise to reach greater fluency.

4. Code Academy

Coding, programming, and software development skills are some of the most in-demand in any single area in the professional landscape.

Many experts agree that in the near future, all professional responsibilities will involve different aspects of programming and coding.

The good news is Code Academy is a huge and totally free resource that allows anyone to start learning to code whenever they like. This platform delivers everything an aspiring coder needs to develop a base foundation for knowledge that will help set them apart.

5. LinkedIn

While many professionals will no doubt already be familiar with the largest business social networking site, however, many may not realize what an amazing educational resource this site is. LinkedIn learning contains a wealth of tools that make developing professional skills both fun and rewarding. Earn business, technical, creative, and many other types of certifications and diplomas directly from this platform.

6. Howcast

Do you want to learn a new practical skill?

Howcast has you covered with the absolute best how-to video content. Watching and learning is extremely popular for good reason, and Howcast features fun and accessible guides, how-tos, and instructional videos about a huge number of subjects.

If there are new skills that you would like to develop in your personal or professional life, we recommend you check out Howcast to watch great videos explaining all the information you need to get going.

7. Udacity

Udacity delivers a wealth of professional enrichment opportunities taught by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 business leaders.

Students gain access to a wealth of content around cutting-edge subject areas such as machine learning, business analytics, cloud computing, autonomous systems, cybersecurity, and data science.

This is the perfect platform for business leaders looking to enhance their competitive advantage and refine their expertise in the most complex and nuanced areas of their business.


We are each given 24 hours a day to make the most of our time.

Using educational apps during our free moments here and there is a great way to retain focus and develop deeper insights into our core focus areas. Lifelong learning is available to all with the motivation and determination to keep on developing their skills and allowing that expertise to radiate outward in the professional organizations they serve.

Use educational enrichment apps and deliver even greater value as a prospective applicant and future executive leader.

It’s possible to deliver the most in-demand skills of tomorrow by harnessing the free learning opportunities of today. Make the most of your downtime and start burning the midnight oil developing the skills you need to get ahead.

Check out these amazing education apps today! 

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