Toppel Welcomes the Newest Career Champions from Spring 2024!

The Toppel Career Center is thrilled to announce the newest members of the Career Champions Network, a group of faculty and staff at the University of Miami who provide support to students as they navigate their careers.

Students often utilize their mentors outside of the Toppel Career Center for support as they tackle career decisions. Therefore, we launched the Career Champions Network in 2019 to provide faculty and staff with strategies and tools to better guide them. Career Champions are regularly updated about new and exciting things happening at the Toppel Career Center, trends in career education and employment, and much more. We also invite Champions to engage with us through a variety of programs and initiatives, while encouraging other colleagues to become a Career Champion.

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Career Champions:

Natalee Bell, Senior Academic Advisor, Frost School of Music

Nicole Curtin, Digital Marketing Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences

Camille Custodio, Sr. Program Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies, Miller School of Medicine

Anel Galvez, VISTA Community Coordinator, Butler Center

Aylin Gonzalez, Residential Life Coordinator, Housing and Residential Life

Valerie Gramling, Senior Lecturer, Writing Studies

Niayah-Symone Hayes, Student Success Advisor, Cane Success Center

Jessica Klauer Martinez, Senior Academic Adviser, School of Communication

Molly Lockwood Ho, Program Manager, Office of Academic Enhancement

Caolanny Melo, Senior Area Director, Housing and Residential Life

Samantha Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Writing Studies

Brandi  Taylor, Student Success Advisor, Cane Success Center

Jasmiri Valerio, Residential Life Coordinator, Housing and Residential Life

By Carly Smith
Carly Smith STEM and Environment, Marine & Atmospheric Sciences