Virtual Company Projects

Build valuable career skills and get a taste of industry experience via short virtual projects created by top companies across the globe on the Forage platform. Apply the filters below to find projects for your career circle or industry.

Practice talking about your virtual company project experiences by completing the Virtual Company Projects interview set on Big Interview. Follow these instructions and use the following code for this interview set: 0d5dbb. The questions for this practice interview are listed below.

  1. Tell me about yourself and your most relevant experience.
  2. How do you keep your knowledge and skills current?
  3. Give me an example of a time you had to juggle multiple projects on a deadline.
  4. Tell me about one of the most exciting projects that you’ve worked on.
  5. Tell me about a new skill you learned in the last year.

Wondering how to list a completed project on your resume/CV or LinkedIn profile? See the Forage referencing policy here.

Developer ’24 Refresh

Developer ’24 Refresh Accenture Nordics

United States

Are you ready to develop your talents? This is your chance to explore your skills in real case scenarios.

Welcome …

Engineering for New Energy

Engineering for New Energy APA Group

United States

Assist with the integration of a large renewable energy source into a pre-existing system to help push towards net-zero targets

Service Desk

Service Desk Datacom

United States

Resolve technical issues and escalate network outages alongside Datacom’s service desk team

Welcome to the Datacom Service Desk Job Simulation! …

Project Manager

Project Manager Siemens Mobility

United States

Drive Siemens Mobility’s future by mastering project management in rail infrastructure

Welcome to the Siemens Mobility Project Manager Job Simulation! …

Operations Industrial Engineer

Operations Industrial Engineer Siemens Mobility

United States

Optimize Siemens Mobility’s manufacturing processes and streamline assembly line layouts as an operations industrial engineer

Welcome to the Siemens Mobility …

Introduction to Technology Apprenticeship

Introduction to Technology Apprenticeship Accenture UK

United States

Support Accenture to overhaul its client’s outdated processes with a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology solution!

Welcome to the Accenture UK Introduction …

EV Engineering Intermediate

EV Engineering Intermediate Ford

United States

Perform a cost-benefit analysis for different battery types with our EV engineering team

Welcome to our program! We are so …

Digital Advanced

Digital Advanced Ford

United States

Learn to provision a backend from scratch

Welcome to our program! We are so excited to have you here.

At …

Digital Intro

Digital Intro Ford

United States

Stream vehicle data to an iOS application with our digital team

Welcome to our program! We are so excited to …