Career Circles for Students Resources

Free Intro to Coding Course – Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy’s course covers an introduction to HTML and CSS, which coding language fits your career goals, and boot …

MIT OpenCourseWare:  Free Access to Educational Resources

MIT OpenCourseWare offers free access to a wide range of course materials from MIT, allowing users to explore various subjects …

Overleaf: Online LaTex Editor

Write and edit professional-quality documents such as academic journals, laboratory reports, mathematical equations, and capstone/thesis projects.

mimconnect (for Minorities in Media)

Helps professionals of color connect with one another and land job opportunities in media, marketing, advertising, communications, tech, and beyond.

Social Science Careers: Job Path & Majors

This guide helps students explore what a social science degree is and how it can lead to many career opportunities …

Protein Atlas: Explore Protein Expression Data

The Human Protein Atlas maps human proteins across 12 sections, covering expression in tissues, organs, and cells using advanced technologies.

Athlete 365 Career+

Athlete365 Career+ prepares athletes to transition into the workplace by offering advice, services, and tools.

Entertainers Worldwide Jobs

A website for musicians, singers, and performers to find auditions, jobs, and opportunities locally and around the world.

American Psychological Association – Education & Career

This organization represents & supports researchers, educators & students providing resources at all levels by offering a broad array of …