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Python in Excel: Working with pandas DataFrames

Python and Excel are both some of the most popular “programming languages”, especially for data analytics/data science. Combined, they are even more powerful. In this course, author and Excel expert Felix Zumstein explains how to work with pandas DataFrames in Excel. pandas DataFrames are the backbone of every Python-based data analysis in Excel. Get a thorough introduction to DataFrames. Learn how to turn different sources—such as an Excel range, an Excel table, or a Power Query—into a DataFrame. Find out why and when it makes sense to use a DataFrame, as opposed to native Excel features like Power Query, Pivot Tables, or VLOOKUP formulas. Use a practical dataset to explore the basics of working with DataFrames, including an index, headers, filtering data, dropping duplicates, adding a new column, combining two DataFrames, and re-indexing. Plus, take a quick look at time series and visualizations.

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