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Managing Cross-Functional Teams Certificate Program

Cross-functional teams are considerably different from teams that may be aligned solely on one functional level. The University of Miami Managing Cross-Functional Teams Certificate Program teaches the art of bringing workers together from different departments and developing them into a cohesive, productive group that operates as one entity to accomplish the overall objectives of the project. Students will gain the skills necessary to form and manage such a team, including how to identify the roles of each team member, pinpoint the attributes needed to fill those roles, and learn how to effectively manage the expectations of team members and their current managers with regard to time spent on the team’s work, as opposed to normal departmental work. The curriculum also focuses on increasing a team’s effectiveness by resolving conflict, solving problems, and delivering timely and appropriate feedback.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement at the University of Miami, and is an eight week course.The price for the course is $3,495, plus the cost of textbooks (approximately $583).